The odds of the Buffalo Bills being sold to a Toronto group -- or any group intent on relocating the NFL franchise -- appear remote.

An overlooked clause in the Bills' restrictive non-relocation agreement with Erie County and the state of New York expressly prohibits the sale of the NFL franchise to anyone who intends to relocate the team -- at least before that agreement expires in July 2023.

This proviso might even supersede the one-time out clause in February 2020 that allows the Bills to break their 10-year lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium for a $28.4-million penalty.

The sale clause all along has been in the non-relocation agreement, signed early last year as a sister legal document to the Bills' 10-year lease extension at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

But, much as the last-resort, $400-million punitive-damages penalty in the non-relocation agreement had been grossly misunderstood and misreported until QMI Agency set the record straight last month, so the prohibition of selling the team to a carpet-bagger of sorts has been disregarded until now.

Clause 3(b) in the non-relocation agreement states, in part, that without approval of both the state-appointed public corporation that owns the Ralph and the county in which the stadium sits, the club shall not "sell, assign or otherwise transfer the team to any person who, to the Bills' knowledge, has an intention to relocate, transfer or otherwise move the team ..."

The clause also prevents the team from so much as entertaining, soliciting or negotiating any offer or proposal to relocate the team.

To do otherwise would be in breach of this novel non-relocation agreement between the Bills, the NFL, the state of New York and Erie County.

A prominent sports-franchise consultant on the Atlantic seaboard is familiar with the sale clause in question.

Reached by QMI Agency on Monday, this expert adviser on team acquisitions and stadium development said the clause is "a big problem" for anyone wanting to buy the Bills franchise with the intention of relocating it.

"I think the language is very direct. It's not cute. It's very in-your-face. I think people did not focus in on the sale part of the agreement; just on the non-relocation part."

The one known Toronto group to this point aiming to bid on the Bills -- fronted by by rocker Jon Bon Jovi and Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum -- would relocate the team to Toronto, it has been assumed.