Did John Tortorella really grow up in the Boston area?

Sure, the resume checks out — born in Boston, was a stud athlete at Concord-Carlisle High School back in the day, etc. But the embattled coach of the vanquished New York Rangers sounded anything but local the other night when he submitted an unasked-for defense of Bruins coach Claude Julien.

During his meet-and-greet with reporters after the Rangers were eliminated from the Eastern Conference semifinals on Saturday, Tortorella had this to say about Julien: “I can’t believe some of the people, how they second-guess him, just being in the city for a couple of days, and the type of job he’s done here.”

What’s even funnier is that, later, when Tortorella’s remarks were brought to Julien’s attention, it was Coach Claude who came across as though he were a fifth-generation kid from the streets of Boston.

What’s that? You thought Claude Julien was born and raised in Canada? Wrong!

Here’s the coach, responding to Tortorella’s comments about being criticized:

“When it comes to that, I know what Boston is all about,” said Julien, who played his first hockey as a 6-year-old at the MDC rink on Somerville Avenue in Somerville.

“They like their championship teams and they want to win every year,” said Julien, who later played for Jackie Parker at Boston University.

“It’s a very demanding place, but at the same time it’s a place where you want to be and I enjoy it very much,” said Julien, who as a 9-year-old in 1969 made his first TV appearance as the sheriff on “Rex Trailer’s Boomtown.”

“If it means taking some criticism, there’s no problem there because that comes with the territory,” said Julien, whose grandfather was fire commissioner under Mayor James Michael Curley, and whose father worked in the Kevin White administration.