The Bruins started fast, and they didn’t cough up a third-period lead, but everything else in between was just “meh” Thursday night. The B’s walked out of TD Garden with two points. However, there were likely many who walked out those exits knowing the Bruins could have done much more against the NHL’s worst team. Boston was able to hold on and beat the lowly Florida Panthers 4-1, but it certainly was not pretty. In fact, it wasn’t even that encouraging for a Bruins team that was coming off another heart-breaking loss to Pittsburgh on Tuesday night. In fact, had they been playing the Penguins on Thursday night, there’s a good chance the Bruins would have been run out of their own barn. They will undoubtedly take the two points, and there’s something to be said for winning hockey games when you’re not at your best, but the Bruins will need to be better. They know that themselves. Once again, they looked far too comfortable with a two-goal lead that they have proved very recently is not safe with this team, not right now at least. They were sloppy with the puck yet again. The power play was ineffective in its one chance, as Boston gave up its first shorthanded goal of the season. The Bruins were most likely going to win this game just by going through the motions, thanks to the discrepancy in talent between them and the Panthers, and that’s what they did. And while the Bruins would take positives here and there from the win, the overall message was the same: the performance and results aren’t exactly where the club needs them and wants them to be right now.

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