In the midst of his worst statistical performance of the season, Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller was instructed by coach Doug Marrone to confront his offensive line during Sunday's 37-14 win against the New York Jets.

"I told [Spiller] afterwards, 'You know what? I'd be pissed, too,'" Marrone said. "But the difference between me and you, and this is what you have to do now, is go over to that group right there, and you tell them you're pissed."

Spiller rushed 13 times for 6 yards but said after the game he did not want to take his frustrations out on the offensive line.

"They [saw] that I was mad," Spiller said. "But I mean, everybody handles that situation [differently]. If I go over there and yell at my guys, y'all are going to blow it up and say [I'm] frustrated."

The Bills rushed 38 times Sunday against the Jets' top-ranked run defense, gaining 68 yards. Marrone pointed not only to his running backs for the performance, but also blamed the offensive line.