It wasn’t always this way for C.J. Miles. He didn’t always have the freedom to shoot so often without repercussions. There was a time when he had to be much more careful, when he was playing just to stay on the court rather than playing to win the game.

Now as he concludes his first season with the Cavaliers, the game is coming a little easier for him again. His 3-pointer from the corner during the second quarter Saturday of a loss at the San Antonio Spurs gave Miles 110 3-pointers this season, a new career high. Considering the size of the hole he dug for himself at the beginning of the season, the new personal best is even more impressive.

“I think just knowing you can be more aggressive and make plays has given me a lot of confidence,” Miles said. “It took me some time to get more confident on the floor, but now I’m back to being really confident.”

Miles’ start to the season was disastrous for a new guy working on a deal that was guaranteed for only one year. He made five 3-pointers through the first six games of the season and was shooting 22 percent on 3-pointers (23 percent overall).

He was a mess mentally, his confidence was sagging and physically he was battling a stomach flu. Coach Byron Scott gave Miles a week off to clear his head, refocus and rest. He has been a staple to the rotation ever since.