The Washington Nationals invited controversy last season by publicly announcing Stephen Strasburg's innings limit. Fortunately, the Reds appear to have learned from the Nats' debacle by keeping Aroldis Chapman's usage plan within the team. Mark Sheldon reported earlier this week that the silence is part of the Reds' plan:

The club -- including Baker, general manager Walt Jocketty and pitching coach Bryan Price -- have a plan in place, but are keeping its details on the down-low from the general public.

"There is a pretty good understanding of what will be necessary to keep his innings at an area that we're comfortable with, should he be a starter throughout the course of the season," Price told "That being said, I think if I've learned anything, I've learned it's better to keep that stuff to ourselves. You just set the table for a little too much speculation and Q&A that I would not be comfortable going through."