It’s certainly not unprecedented for the Browns to be in shambles, but the nature in which Rob Chudzinski’s first season as an NFL head coach has gone up in flames has been uglier than just about anyone could’ve imagined six weeks ago.

Since the expansion era began in 1999, the Browns have lost at least 11 games 11 times, including this season and each of the previous five. They’re tied with the Detroit Lions for the worst regular-season record in the NFL in the past 15 years: 77-162. But during that span, the Lions have earned one more playoff berth and one more record of .500 or better than the Browns.

Still, Chudzinski, the organization’s sixth full-time head coach since its rebirth, isn’t asking for sympathy. He knew this would be difficult.

“I expected it,” Chudzinski said Monday in the aftermath of the Browns suffering their sixth consecutive loss, a 24-13 defeat on the road Sunday against the New York Jets. “I understood the challenges that we had, and I know what it takes here, specifically. I’ll go back to the plan that we have overall as an organization to establish the type of success long term that we want, and [I knew] that would take some time to get to. I know what I signed up for.”
But did owner Jimmy Haslam sign up for a record of 4-11, which will morph into 4-12 if the Browns lose the season finale Sunday on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8), when he struck a deal to buy the team from Randy Lerner for about $1 billion in August 2012?
Haslam hasn’t talked to local beat writers since training camp opened July 25. He spoke publicly about renovation plans for FirstEnergy Stadium on Nov. 13, when the Browns were 4-5 and slim hopes for a playoff berth still existed. Neither Haslam nor his right-hand man, CEO Joe Banner, have been heard from since, though one or both of them is expected to hold a news conference once this dreadful season is officially ready for an autopsy.

Until then, all anyone can do is consider what Haslam said in the summer and how it pertains to the Browns losing nine of their past 10 games after starting the season 3-2.