Back in November, Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig sustained relatively minor injuries in a fight with a bouncer in Miami. The injuries were described as a "swollen left eye" and "minor bumps and bruises."

The incident reportedly happened when the bouncer asked Puig to leave the premises after he got into an argument with his sister. CBS Sports MLB Insider Jon Heyman reported Friday the incident may not have been as bad as it initially sounded. From Heyman:

Word from someone briefed on the encounter is that Puig originally tried to play peacemaker between his sister and her boyfriend, but was asked to leave after getting a bit loud. There might have been some disagreement about how quickly he was leaving, and bar workers are said to have physically escorted him out.

Apparently, he got hit in the eye during the escorting process, then after he broke free from their grip or they let him go, he apparently retaliated with a shot to one of the rougher bar workers.