Chris Pronger addressed the media on Thursday at Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, N.J., and does not appear any closer to a return to the ice.

The former Flyers captain -- who suffers from post-concussion syndrome -- appeared in good spirits and frequently joked with members of the media.

When asked, Pronger would not commit to saying he was retired. Instead, he looked back behind him and surveyed the room before commenting, "This doesn't look like that type of conference." He said he doesn't "know if this is the end or not" and that he will continue to work towards getting healthy.

Pronger revealed he still suffers from many of the same symptoms he has over the last two years, including headaches, sensitivity to light and noise and even bouts of depression related to his inability to play, work out or do other activities. He can drive a car, but does not run and struggles to do any activity that accelerates his heart rate, including bicycling. He is able to lift some weights, but his workout is mostly limited to "[watching] what I eat." He is at a stage in his recovery where his doctors have advised him to "push the envelope" in terms of his activity level to see what he can do before experiencing symptoms.