Chris Paul and the Rockets have been dominant this year. They've trounced a lot of bad teams and some good teams too. On Saturday, they made the Cavaliers look like one of the bad teams in a 120-88, nationally-televised drubbing. It was another embarrassing loss for the Cavs.

Following the game, Paul seemed confused how a team like Cleveland can let that happen when it has a player like LeBron James on the roster. He's an all-time great, yet here are the Cavs unable to get out of their own way. Paul, a close friend of James, told the Cavs to not take what they have for granted. Via ESPN:

"You've got LeBron James over there in that locker room. You know what I mean? What else the man need to do?" Paul said. "Don't take it for granted, man, don't take it for granted."

Paul has been around long enough to know that when a team has something truly great they can't just let it go by and play safe.