Trade rumors continue to swirl around Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics, with the Los Angeles Clippers being the primary suitor for the big man. And although Garnett ultimately has the right to veto any deal due to his no-trade clause, there's another man who has nearly as much power in these negotiations: Chris Paul.

As Jeff Clark over at CelticsBlog notes, Paul has leverage with the Clippers thanks to his impending free agent situation. So at the moment, what Paul wants, Paul gets, or at least the Clippers try to get it for him. Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski essentially said as much in his latest column:

"If Chris wants Vinny [Del Negro], he'll be the coach," one source tied to the Clippers and Paul said. "If Chris wants [Kevin Garnett], they'll push harder for it."

Paul has nothing but respect for Garnett and admits that he looked up to the veteran for a long time. That certainly sounds like a guy who would not mind if his team went out and tried to acquire said veteran big man. Whether Paul will pressure the Clippers to do so is another thing, but the point is, he could.