Darrelle Revis should walk through the gates of The Evil Empire, kneel before Foxborough’s Zod and pledge eternal loyalty.

There’s only one man who can revive Revis’ career, one genius with the power to squeeze out any ounce of good football that remains in his aging body. There is no other way at this point.

Revis must beg Bill Belichick for forgiveness.

The former Jets cornerback has a few hurdles to clear before he has any chance of returning to the good graces of the Patriots. Revis is facing four felony charges stemming from an ugly street fight on a Pittsburgh corner last month. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Revis will probably have to successfully navigate through his legal entanglements before finding a new NFL home.

The Jets officially cut him last week after an uninspiring season stained by poor effort and production. The Revis camp actually revealed recently that the cornerback played the 2016 season at a bloated 217 pounds. (Belichick presumably will have a no-Twinkie clause in Revis’ contract if he decided to take him back).

The biggest obstacle for Revis might actually be his own words, which got him into the hot water with Patriots Nation after signing a blockbuster deal to return to the Jets two years ago.

Revis inexplicably took jabs at Belichick, Tom Brady and the entire Patriots organization during the Deflategate drama. A few months after Revis won his lone Super Bowl in New England, he pointed out the organization’s questionable past.