The feud started as these things often do with a Tobacco Road rivalry. A fight at Michael Jordan's camp followed as did an injury scare.

But when J.J. Redick joined the Los Angeles Clippers in July to become Chris Paul's new backcourt mate … well both Redick and Paul knew it was finally time to end their dislike of each other.

"We have actually had a chance to become real close real quick" Paul told Yahoo Sports. "Who would have thought after the battles we had in college."
Said Redick: "We connected right away."

The rivalry between Paul and Redick began when they both played in the Atlantic Coast Conference at schools just a 90-minute drive from each other: Redick starred at Duke from 2002-06 and Paul was at Wake Forest from 2003-05.

"We had some battles at Wake Forest" Redick said. "The game I kind of got into it with him our team had like three or four technicals."

Said Paul: "Before I got to know him he was no friend of mine. It is what it is. But that's how it was in college."

The boiling point between Paul and Redick came in the summer of 2004 when both were counselors at the Jordan Brand Camp in Santa Barbara Calif. During a scrimmage between the two Redick become so irritated that he struck Paul.

"I actually had to apologize to him" Redick said. "…I put my hands on him during a game. It was a hand to the face type of move. I don't know how to describe it.

"We were in the dorm at UC Santa Barbara and I was told I had to apologize to him. I knew he didn't like me then but he did [accept the apology]."