Chris Kaman, who missed 10 games with a concussion, made it back on the court in the first half against the Lakers, as the Mavericks used a committee of centers against Dwight Howard.

Moving forward, however, the big man isn’t quite sure what to expect.

Kaman followed starter Bernard James, Elton Brand and Brandan Wright. Howard picked up three fouls in just 11 minutes of first-half action and was limited to five points and five rebounds before the break.

Kaman ended up playing eight minutes and had four points and four rebounds. When he was done with a spirited two-on-two game on the Mavericks’ practice court after the game, Kaman said he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t feeling pressure to produce, given that he’s on a one-year contract this season.

“I have zero idea,” Kaman said when asked how he fits in the center rotation, “because now, with me being out, he changed the lineup again with [James] starting. And part of that is it’s not a bad thing. Part of it is to get Dirk going early. I think me and Elton kind of both take away shots that Dirk potentially could be shooting.

“When you’re in a one-year situation, if people don’t tell you there’s pressure, they’re lying to you. It’s not easy. And we’re trying to go out there and play perfect basketball. Obviously, that’s not how it goes, ever. I can’t control how much I get played or don’t get played. That’s out of my hands.”

Coach Rick Carlisle is juggling all four centers and while James is the starter for now, Brand has been getting about 25 to 30 minutes per game. Wright played seven effective minutes against the Lakers, and now Kaman will have to be slotted in.

It won’t be easy, Kaman predicts.

“I like coach Carlisle,” he said. “He’s a good guy and he’s a good coach. I think sometimes not every player is a perfect fit for every situation. Now that’s not necessarily what I’m saying about me. But sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m a new player. He doesn’t know my game that well. He doesn’t trust me like he trusts [Shawn Marion], like he trusts Dirk, like he trusts Vince [Carter]. It’s not an easy decision for him.”