Agent Joel Segal has had a busy two weeks. But he won’t be able to exhale just yet.

Twelve days ago, Segal client Mike Vick visited and signed with the Jets. Five days ago, Segal client DeSean Jackson was cut by the Eagles. Today, Jackson will sign with the Redskins (if he hasn’t signed the contract already).

On Monday, Segal client Chris Johnson will show up at the Titans’ facility for the first day of offseason workouts and say, “Let me in so that I can start doing things that could result in an injury that would force you to pay me $8 million this year.”

It likely won’t come to that. The Titans are expected to cut Johnson before Monday, in the unlikely event that a trade will happen. Since Johnson would have to take less than $8 million in pay for 2014 if he were to be traded, he merely needs to refuse to renegotiate to force the team’s hand.