Chris Hansen promised the broke-as-a-Fabergé-football Maloofs $30 million in a non-refundable deposit to close his deal on the Sacramento Kings. This is extremely abnormal in the way of the NBA. Hansen and the Maloofs know full well that the sale of a team requires full approval of the other 29 NBA owners. Hansen and the Maloofs know full well that Hansen's plan to uproot the Kings from a Sacramento market that has fought tooth, nail, hook and dagger to keep them would require full approval from the other 29 NBA owners, and that the city's mayor -- Kevin Johnson -- would refuse to go down without a fight. Hansen is smart. He knows all about what happened to Anaheim in 2011. He knows that Kevin Johnson eats relocation bids for breakfast.

But Hansen put up the $30 million to close the deal with the Maloofs. There was a huge PR value to the move, too, if you pay attention to the national reporters trying to make sense of it all: it lent the theft of the Sacramento Kings an air of inevitability. That deposit signified that a contract was in place, that the deal was over, that there's no reason for Sacramento to try to stop it.

Thankfully, Kevin Johnson won't be fooled by Hansen's bluster, unlike so many reporters.