If veteran ace Chris Carpenter wants to attempt to pitch in 2014 the Cardinals have said he “deserves” a conversation about making that try with them.
It’s just not a conversation he’s ready to have now if ever.

Carpenter abandoned more than a month ago the idea that he would pitch this season even a cameo in relief because of recurring issues maintaining strength and feeling in his throwing arm. He has traveled with the team on recent road trips and remained a mentoring presence for starters such as Lance Lynn.

“The way everything has gone this season I don’t think much is going to change for me” Carpenter said Saturday. “I’m going to enjoy this time with the guys my family and at the end of it we’ll sit down and process where we’re at where we want to go forward as a family. As long as we keeping winning (now) I’m having fun.”

Carpenter 38 had surgery last season to remove a rib and free up pressure on nerves that were squashed in his right shoulder and causing problems. The troubles returned in February. Before spring training the Cardinals announced that he would not pitch this season but during the first half of the year he made an attempt. His rehab reached a starter in Class AAA but the lack of strength and numbness persisted. He cannot be sure another attempt wouldn’t have the same results.

“There’s not going to be a sign” he said. “I’ll start working out before spring training get off the mound like I always do and see what happens — and it’s not time to say whether or not I want to do that. That’s not on my mind right now.”