The most prominently placed photo in the Heat’s “Hall of Champions” is not The Shot.

Yes Ray Allen’s iconic three-pointer in Game 6 of the NBA Finals is emphatically displayed inside the corridor of memories connecting the court at AmericanAirlines Arena to the locker room but prime real estate in the passageway — the Boardwalk and Park Place of Heat respect — has been given to Chris Bosh’s rebound.

Bosh might be the most underappreciated basketball player on Planet Earth but not in Miami. In South Florida Bosh is respected and The Rebound is revered accordingly.

The photo is displayed just to the left of the double doors that lead directly to the Heat’s locker room. That The Rebound is the last and most obvious thing visitors see as they turn the corner into the inner sanctum is a clear statement of the Heat’s core values.

Pace is great and space is nice but in the words of Pat Riley: “No rebounds; no ring.”

It was in that very same hallway of course where Bosh so famously collapsed after the 2011 NBA Finals.

No amount of glue and wallpaper is ever going to hide that memory and that’s just the way Bosh wants it. He never wants to be far away from what it feels like to lose it all especially this season which is the most important of his career.

“Getting to the Finals and losing we understand that it’s a process” Bosh said. “We don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. We learned that the first year. This season is different from last season and we take that approach.

“We have to put last season behind us step up to the drawing board and redo this thing all over again.”

It’s only the preseason but Bosh appears to already be sketching the outline of a masterpiece. Through six games he has played near flawless basketball in preparation for the Heat’s run at history. He leads the team in points per game (17.0) field-goal percentage (.613) and rebounds per game (4.8) and he is the only player of the team’s so-called Big 3 to not miss a game for rest.

Don’t expect Bosh’s first break of the preseason to come on Wednesday in New Orleans. With the road game against the Pelicans being the penultimate game of the exhibition calendar the Heat might use it as a dress rehearsal for opening night. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are expected to play together in New Orleans for the first time since Oct. 10 the second game of the preseason in Detroit.