Chris Bosh was done with his latest All-Star Weekend event, this one an NBA Cares project that involved the badly-needed revitalization of a high school in the nearby neighborhood known as Tremé.

Time was of the essence, as it always is in these four days of midseason mayhem. But this was time well spent, especially with the way it ended when the Miami Heat big man headed back to the hotel.

"A guy came up to me and (said), 'You took a picture with my son last All-Star Weekend (in Houston),' " Bosh said before boarding his bus. "They remember this stuff. When you see people who are genuinely excited just to see you, it's great. We don't always have time to do everything, but when we do have time and you take a couple seconds out of your day, they just really appreciate it."

The All-Star "break" is anything but for the All-Stars themselves, with events such as this one and so many others beginning on Thursday and continuing at a breakneck pace until the game Sunday. These festivities continue to grow, as does the coverage. NBA officials say the interest is unprecedented: 215 countries and territories had live coverage in 47 languages on their TVs, computers, mobile devices and tablets during the 140 hours of coverage on NBA TV, and NBA Mobile.