Though we haven't seen the full throttle of Chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia he's already changing the NFL landscape for his Eagles players.

Instead of giving the team its day off on Tuesday during the regular season as 31 others teams do he's giving his team Mondays off instead.

"Our players' day off will be Monday the day after the game and then we'll practice Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and then play” Kelly said Thursday.

But what does all this mean? Let's Pat Kirwan explain.

Years ago teams took Monday or the day after the game off. The Tuesday offday came about for as many coaches wanted to review game tape on Mondays before beginning to craft the next gameplan. They'd then start fresh on Wednesday with the next team.

In recent years many coaches have given players Mondays off after a win and by midseason Tuesday as well. A lot of players take medical treatment on Mondays and Tuesdays just to get ready to practice. I think coach Kelly may find out rather quickly that NFL players aren't fully recovered to practice on Tuesday.

In fact by mid-season with the limited NFL rosters there's a good chance the Eagles will not be able to get a lot of team work done until Thursday. What makes Kelly's concept even more interesting is the idea of a hurry-up up-tempo paced offense.

Part of this decision might be Kelly's mindset as a college coach when players typically get the Sunday off after a Saturday game. Either way it'll be interesting to see how team reacts to Kelly's decree.