Cloaked behind the cautious succinct poker-face persona he offers the public and the media the face you last saw on the sidelines for the Philadelphia Eagles and a face that now represents the latest incarnation of the Chiefs Andy Reid tends to be a sharp warm fun and charismatic fellow.

Lots of people will tell you that and you could experience it for yourself when he was the offensive-line coach at Mizzou under Bob Stull during 1989-91.

In addition to Reid having “all the elements” vital to being a head coach — including being bright and detail-obsessed — Stull mentioned Friday that includes the fact Reid is personable and witty and has a bit of a gift with people.

And that was all part of a certain “it” factor that a young Packers scout named John Dorsey sensed a year later when Reid joined the Packers as an assistant coach.

The personnel staff Dorsey said “played this game” of trying to predict future head coaches among the current assistants. Reid had that tattooed all over him.

“We all saw it” said Dorsey noting that his “mentor” then-Packers general manager Ron Wolf would later say his greatest mistake was not hiring Reid as head coach in 1999. “It was right here for us.

“But sometimes you’re blind to the things you’re closest to.”

Fourteen years later the Chiefs had tunnel vision for Reid as the man to restore the once-proud franchise … and soon thereafter hired Dorsey as general manager.

The energizing dynamic of his relationship with Dorsey is a fresh start for the organization.

Liberated from his ambitious personnel duties in Philadelphia Reid is revitalized both by the new challenge and the chance to focus on what he loves most: coaching.

His resume stands for itself.

When he was hired in January he brought instant credibility from Philadelphia with five NFC title games and 130 regular-season victories. But Reid’s time didn’t end well in Philly as the Eagles went 4-12 in 2012.