The Denver Broncos have proved over the last two seasons they are one of the best teams in football, but the Kansas City Chiefs are the team sitting atop the AFC West standings. The Chiefs stand in the way of the Broncos hosting a playoff game and they can’t afford to lose to them at home with only six games to play.

Despite what their 9-0 record would seem to indicate, the Chiefs are very beatable. As long as the Broncos don’t implode, they should at least have a chance to win the game.

The Chiefs haven’t exactly been blowing teams out, even though many of their opponents have been starting backup quarterbacks. Kansas City has a great defense, but it’s also carrying a sub-standard offense. The Broncos have a great offense, but gain a significant advantage if their defense is also playing well.

For that reason, the keys to the game are all pertaining to the offense. If the Broncos get their offense going, they should win the game. Only if the offense sputters do the Chiefs have a chance to win the game—unless something really crazy happens.