The KC Chiefs have completed rookie minicamp where 36 tryout players were among the mix of players on the field, joining draft picks, signed undrafted free agents and other first year players. Tryout players rarely pan out in the NFL but it's not as if it's never worked out before. Andy Reid told reporters on Sunday that he hopes to sign a tryout player or two.

"Yeah, I think we will [sign a couple of the tryout guys] but I have to get with [John Dorsey] and see," Reid said, via comments from the Chiefs. "But he had his guys out here, the three days, evaluating them and watching tape. He is meeting with them now, so I will see where that goes."

Moving on to those players that are already signed...

"Tyler Bray had a nice day today," Reid said, "I think that is obvious. He made some nice throws down in the red zone. He has to continue to make progress, but he did some nice things."

Bray was clearly the best quarterback on the field. It wasn't really close (Dayne Crist was a far second.) He has a strong arm and that was evident on a number of deep balls. You could tell he has a shot to make it. Just the way he was able to fire the ball into the receiver. It just felt like a pro quarterback.

"It was good to see [Sanders]Commings work at safety," Reid continued. "He played a little bit of corner but was primarily at safety. It was nice to see the progress that he made as he went on. We feel like he can still play corner but that gives us the flexibility to play that free safety position."

Flexibility. That's the name of the game for the KC Chiefs. The Chiefs now have two players -- Dunta Robinson and Commings -- who could realistically play either safety or corner. Both were acquired this offseason.