Chiefs fans are looking to beat the 12th Man at their own game. The Arrowhead crowd is taking aim at the crowd noise record when the Raiders come to town this weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs are enjoying a resurgent season and their fans are looking to get into the record books. The crowd at Arrowhead Stadium is looking to set the Guinness world record for loudest sports venue when they host the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

A Guinness official will be on hand at the stadium to see if Chiefs fans can top the decibel levels reached by the Seattle Seahawks fans last month. The famed 12th Man set the record on September 16 when the Seahawks blew out the San Francisco 49ers in CenturyLink Field. The noise level was first recorded at 131.9 decibels in the first quarter breaking the previous record held by a Turkish soccer game in 2011. Seahawks fans broke their own record in the third quarter reaching 136.6 decibels.