We're about 24 hours from the beginning of the 2013 NFL Draft, and that means we're still inundated with rumors and innuendos about what the Chiefs will do with their No. 1 pick. Will they take former Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel? What about former Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher? Or will they just trade away the pick and move down in the draft order?

The Chiefs probably know. Everybody else probably doesn't.

Even still, Kansas City general manager John Dorsey and coach Andy Reid met with some members of the media, and Dorsey said, via USA Today's Lindsay Jones, that there are still four players the team could take with the No. 1 pick.

Dorsey also said, via the NFL Network's Steve Wyche, that the team has fielded calls from other squads looking to trade into that top spot.

Honestly, both of those Dorsey statements are a little hard to believe. He's trying to tell us that, with only a day to go, the Chiefs still don't know who they'll take among the four (!) players they've slotted that high? Plus, I'm not sure I buy that so many teams are hungering to get to the top of this draft class, especially if they can sit back and still get a quality guy in the middle of the round without having to give up multiple other picks.

There have also been reports that instead of Joeckel, the Chiefs actually will pick Fisher. All along, it's been predicted by many analysts that the Chiefs would go with Joeckel.

So, what have we learned from all this Chiefs chatter?

Nothing, probably. Meanwhile, the spin continues and the smoke screens continue to float into the sky.