New defensive coordinator Bob Sutton answered questions from reporters Tuesday for the first time since the Chiefs started offseason practice. He touched on a number of topics and many of them are covered in this story.

Sutton also talked about defensive end Tyson Jackson, the target of frustration for many Chiefs fans since he was selected with the third overall pick in the 2009 draft. Sutton argued with the contention that Jackson hasn’t played to his lofty draft status.

“That’s in some people’s view,’’ Sutton said. “I think Tyson has had a great camp. We think Tyson is a really, really good football player. I know a lot of times, when you’re picked that high or when you’re a (defensive) lineman, you’re judged on sacks. There is a lot more to football than sacks. A lot of it is simply affecting the quarterback as opposed to sacking the quarterback. There are other things that have to happen first.