I’m not a big believer in the theory that teams can build momentum for the regular season by playing well during preseason games. NFL history is filled with teams that were miserable in August and great after that and vice versa so preseason results tend to be coincidental in the bigger picture.

The Chiefs have been the exception to that rule. They’ve played poorly in recent years in the preseason (they last had a winning preseason record in 2003 and since then they are 7-29 and have gone winless four times) and in most of those seasons have also started the regular season slowly (since 2003 the Chiefs have started the season 0-3 2-2 0-2 0-2 0-3 0-5 3-2 0-3 and 1-10).

Coincidence? Perhaps. But in these cases I’m not buying that. I’ve seen the Chiefs waste too much time on their training camp practice field and in preseason games the last decade. In many of these seasons it was obvious that when the real games started the Chiefs were going to be slow movers and indeed that’s too often been the way things played out.