Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett had himself a career year after jumping from New York to Chicago during the off-season. In his only year with the Giants before starting off his career in Dallas, Bennett reeled in 55 receptions for 626 receiving yards and five touchdowns.

This year with a brand new team for the second year, Martellus recorded 65 receptions for 759 receiving yards and five touchdowns. It’s safe to say that number 83 was a huge part of this offense, making clutch receptions and a game winning touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings early in the season.

Now what’s he going to do with his off-season? Almost every professional athlete has another hobby they pick up once they’re done with football for a couple of months. I mean, they still work out, but I highly doubt they just sit around when they’re not.

Martellus has spent some of his time working on music. I never knew this about Bennett, but it was just pointed out to me almost 30 minutes ago that the man is a rapper on the side. That’s right, Martellus Bennett is a rapper.

Just like DeSean Jackson and a handful of other professional athlete’s (Metta World Peace, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Chris Webber) who have released some stuff here and there. Then you have those who make television appearances, guys like Jay Cutler, Navorro Bowman and J.J. Watt who appeared on FX’s hit comedy series ‘The League’.