David Ortiz missed nearly half of the 2012 season after suffering an injury to his Achilles. Prior to that point, Ortiz had hit .316/.414/.609, and was the top hitter in the Red Sox lineup at a time when there wasn't enough of that going around. He would appear in just one more game, though, more than a month later, and though he was 2-for-4 with a double in that contest, it turned out his Achilles wasn't healed enough after all.

Because of this, we haven't yet had a chance to see how Ortiz is holding up, but it was assumed that a winter of shock wave therapy on his Achilles would do the trick. According to general manager Ben Cherington, that still seems to be the case, as it is expected Ortiz will be ready for Opening Day:

"He's hitting and doing his agility and starting to run," Cherington said Monday in an interview with MLB Network Radio. "He's David Ortiz. We'll see where he is as we report 10 days from now or so and take it from there. We don't have any reason to think he won't be in our lineup on Opening Day."