Clay Buchholz was two questions into a dugout interview yesterday when a group of fellow pitchers passed by. “Still talking about cheating?” one of them needled.

Yes, he was, though probably not for much longer. Buchholz returns to the mound tonight at Fenway Park against the Twins for the first time since one of the greatest non-troversies of the season, and all eyes will be on his left arm.

Buchholz, as you’re well aware, is right-handed. But Blue Jays broadcasters Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris, themselves former big league pitchers, accused Buchholz of being slicked down with a foreign substance that he used to doctor the ball during seven shutout innings in Toronto last Wednesday.

Turns out he wasn’t glistening because of anything particularly sinister — just water in his hair, rosin on his arm — but that didn’t stop the 24-hour news cycle and internet sleuths from dissecting video and stills like the Zapruder film.

The incident proves that if you talk about something long enough and relentlessly enough, no matter how ridiculous, it becomes less a question (“Is Buchholz throwing a spitball?”) and more a statement (“Buchholz is throwing a spitball!”).

However we got here, the upshot is the same — Buchholz knows what awaits him tonight.

“The camera’s going to be on my arm all night,” he said with a shrug.

You’d worry about other pitchers wilting under the glare in this situation, but not Buchholz. This is not to say he won’t get hit. It’s just to say that if he does, it won’t be because of this past week.