Chauncey Billups says that the Knicks "are probably, most certainly, the most dangerous first round team in the NBA."

The veteran point guard and one-time Finals MVP addressed reporters Tuesday for the first time since learning that the Knicks first round opponent will be the Boston Celtics.

"When I say that it's because we are new, and we are dangerous. We've got a lot of weapons. We can move the scoreboard. I think our defense is a lot better. We're going to be a tough out, man."

The Knicks open the series this weekend in Boston. The NBA has yet to announce if Game 1 will be Saturday or Sunday. With the Bruins playing home Saturday night it is likely that the series will begin Sunday afternoon.

Carmelo Anthony added that the series will "be a battle" and no battle is as intriguing as Melo going head-to-head with Paul Pierce. Both small forwards have a knack for making late game shots. They also have a knack for trash talking and there will be plenty of that over the next two weeks.