Chauncey Billups said he wanted to retire in Detroit. And he's probably going to get that opportunity, but just not in the way he pictured it.
The Pistons and general manager Joe Dumars traded Billips to Denver in 2008, shortly after the point guard had signed a long-term extension. That, among some other things, led to a little tension between Billups and Dumars.

But with the 35-year-old point guard returning to Detroit, reconciliation was needed, and Billips said Dumars extended the olive branch. Via the Detroit News:

“I just needed to hear him apologize for how it went down, to kind of stand on it, and he did that,” Billups said. “As a man, I can't do anything but respect that.

“Because I had to know it was nothing personal, it was what he thought was a good business move. But we had a personal relationship. I forgave Joe for all of that and we moved forward. I'm great.”

Billips and Dumars had more of a mentor-apprentice type of relationship, because of their shared positions as well as Billips saying he has front office hopes.