Chase Headley is not under contract. He is, as they say, under team control and will likely sign a one year deal for a projected $8.3 million in the next month or so. After that contract runs out, he'll have one more year team control where the team can sign him to another 1 year contract. When that second season is done, he becomes a free agent. The most valuable Padres player will likely play for another team in 2015 and say Sayonara Sunny San Diego!

This is not a surprise to anyone who follows the business of baseball. And it was something that was carefully considered going back to Headley's midseason call up in 2008. Back then the team wanted to make sure that he didn't accumulate enough service time that season to become a free agent in 2014, which was a possibility if they had promoted him at the start of the season. And they also wanted to try and avoid an accumulation of service time that would result in Super Two status for the 2011 season. They succeeded in the first part, but embarrassingly failed on the second part. Headley was able to get an extra $1.8 million from the Padres in 2011 due to this carelessness. But, anyway, that GM has been sacked and the people responsible for his sacking have been sacked. Moving on.

Now that Chase Headley has finally tapped into his potential, a lot of Padres fans would like to see him stick around a little longer than just the next two seasons. And they certainly do not want another Adrian Gonzalez situation where the team is forced to trade the player for prospects before they lose him for nothing. The best way to have avoided that was (and perhaps still is) to sign him to a contract that buys out one or more of his potential free agent years. But, when could this have been done? And, is it still a possibility?