Kemba Walker is many things to the Charlotte Bobcats: Leading scorer, tops in assists and steals. He leads the team in pass deflections and is among the NBA’s best at “And 1s” – three-point plays created off drives and shooting fouls.

What isn’t he yet for this team?

The “voice,” coach Mike Dunlap said recently.

“You’d like a Peyton Manning disposition in huddles,” Dunlap described of his point guard. “Kemba has a quiet disposition, so pulling that jacket on can be kind of difficult.

“It’s not his nature. But it needs to be his nature.”

Walker was read that quote a week ago. Two words into the reading, he smiled. This is no new issue. In high school the coach told him to be more vocal and bossy. College coaches told him to be more vocal and bossy.

Vocal and bossy is not typically Walker’s way, particularly when that involves poking his elders. Flamboyant as he appears on the basketball court, Walker is understated in personality, polite to a fault.

While ordering people around isn’t Walker’s way, it is a point guard’s calling.