The Washington Wizards come calling on Saturday and the Charlotte Bobcats will answer, because that is what the NBA schedule dictates. You see the Bobcats, and every team in the NBA, have to play the games laid out before know get it, you know NBA. Bobcats. Wizards. Basketball!

Perhaps the most interesting thing to watch in Washington is the emergence of rookie shooting guard Bradley Beal. Beal, prognosticated by some draft/college experts as the best choice in last year's draft, is starting to play as if he was just that. Since John Wall's return on January 7, Beal has steadily improved across the board.

January scoring averages of 15.1 points per game hit 17.5 in February and 21.5 thus far in March. Beal's field goal percentage, rebounds, and assists have all maxed out as his minutes have been increasing as well. Beal is playing like one of the best shooting guards in the East since the first of the year.