You know it's a bizarre evening when the Auburn Hills police are flanking the Pistons dressing room to keep the peace.

But that's what happens when an NBA game breaks out into an episode of the "Jerry Springer Show."

The Pistons (29-52) lost to the Cavaliers, 110-101, Monday at The Palace, but the most interesting part of the game was Charlie Villanueva's "Guys Gone Wild" video when he got tangled with Cavs center Ryan Hollins and then invited him to join him in a brawl in the loading dock.

With 5:47 remaining Villanueva set a screen on Hollins and planted a low blow on the Cavs center for retaliation of an earlier blow.

The two became tangled and Villanueva even gave Hollins an old-fashioned face wash.

Both players were ejected. Villanueva objected and ran off the court with Rodney Stuckey and Pistons security trying to keep him on the court.

But he broke away towards the Cavs dressing room. The problem is Hollins was still on the Cavs bench laughing at Villanueva.

"You just don't want it to escalate like that," Cavs guard Daniel Gibson said. "There were a lot of expletives exchanged that I don't think I can repeat."

Later, Villanueva ran down the hallway from the Pistons dressing room but was stopped by police in the loading dock.

"I will kill that dude," Villanueva screamed.

The incident is likely to be reviewed by the league offices. Fines and suspensions are possible.

"We have not seen it, but we review all altercations," league spokesman Tim Frank wrote in an email.

Later Villanueva calmed down and met with the media.