Charles Woodson spent as much time on the sidelines as he did the football field in 2012-'13. And during his absence, the Green Bay Packer safety didn't like what he was reading.

Woodson, one of the team's best defenders over the last 10 years, believes many were writing his obituary long before the casket had been ordered.

"It's upsetting a little bit because I feel like, especially people who are here locally that have watched me play for the last seven, eight years, know what I bring to the table," Woodson said late in the season. "They're (media) trying to push me out the door is what it seems like.

"When you're not playing, I think you're a little more sensitive because you can't defend yourself out there on the field. You can't play; you can't show people what you do. I think people are more willing to talk about what they say I can't do rather than talk about what it is that I do. I don't like it."

Woodson might not like it. But that's his reality now. And with the off-season here, the Packers face a tough decision on Woodson's future.

Woodson just completed the third year of a five-year, $55 million contract that he signed in September 2010. Woodson's base salary is $6.5 million each of the next two years, and he has bonuses that total $3.5 million each season.

If the Packers keep Woodson at that price, he would count $10 million against the salary cap in 2013. Considering the salary cap is expected to be around $121 million next season, Woodson's contract would account for 8.3% of the cap.