The New England Patriots are trying to make it to yet another Super Bowl under the watch of Tom Brady and they are just a game away from doing so. Part of the reason the Patriots have been so good is because of their quarterback and his growth since their first Super Bowl with him.

Since he won that Super Bowl, Brady’s life has become that of a movie star, as he has countless endorsements, is married to a supermodel and has a life that many people would kill for. But ask Oakland Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson who Brady has to thank for his perfect life, he’ll tell you that it’s him.

The infamous ‘Tuck Rule’ play in the 2001-02 AFC Divisional Round Game saw the Patriots on the right end of one of the most controversial calls in football history. Woodson still thinks that Brady fumbled the ball, despite there being a rule created the next year to justify the non-call.