Eddie Royal chuckled at the thought of it.

Embarrassing, he said, but effective.

This month, the Chargers wide receiver was assigned to block Giants safety Antrel Rolle on a Danny Woodhead run. Before Royal could make contact, his left foot slipped, and he fell forward. Rolle trampled Royal, knocking him to the ground.

“It was pretty funny to look at (on film) the next day,” Royal said. “If you look closely, (wide receiver) Lavelle Hawkins is on the sideline, jumping up and down, laughing at me.”

That 7-yard Woodhead gain is one example. It isn't always pretty, but the Chargers wide receivers have made the effort in run blocking, the results often following suit. It's one aspect to a ground game that carries momentum entering Sunday's game against the Raiders.

The Chargers have rushed the ball 84 times the past two games, most in the NFL over that span. Next closest are the 49ers at 72.

San Diego has totaled 352 yards, good for fifth, with two scores.

Royal isn't the tallest or heaviest Charger; he is 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds.

But McCoy called him “one of the best blocking receivers in the league.”

“I think he’s been that way from the day we first were together in Denver,” McCoy said. “It’s an attitude. It’s a want to. I’ll tell the receivers all the time, do you want Ryan Mathews not to pick up the blitzing linebacker when he comes, so then you can’t catch a pass? It’s a matter of being unselfish, and that’s what we tell the receivers here.