The Chargers have the worst left tackle situation in the NFL and King Dunlap is the best of their terrible options at the position.

So says ESPN football scout Matt Williamson.

"He has great size, but he is heavy-footed and can really struggle to play low enough due to his extreme height,” Williamson said of the 6-foot-9, 330-pound Dunlap (who in some listings is 6-8). “At best, he is a right tackle athlete and not suited to playing on the left side. But he actually didn’t play as terrible last year as many assume ... With his size and long arms, he can be one of those OTs that take an extra step to get around in protection -- that might be his greatest asset.”

For what it's worth, Williamson isn't batting a thousand. Last June, for example, he said the Chargers' trust in Ronnie Brown to back up Ryan Mathews "made no sense" to him. Brown went on to have a fine season.

The Chargers' situation at left tackle is concerning. The same holds for both guard spots. I'm not signing up to be King Dunlap's agent. But as I wrote on April 1 after asking Mike McCoy who the left tackle was, Dunlap represents an upgrade over last year's trio of left tackles. Too, if McCoy and his offensive line coach, Joe D'Alessandris, go with Dunlap, they will have had five months to prepare him and the rest of the offense. Norv Turner didn't have that lead time. The Chargers went into late July believing Jared Gaither would be their left tackle.