No live TV trucks were outside the building.

No coach or front-office member was inside.

At the team facility's media center, three new Chargers players got introduced Wednesday to reporters, and like the moves themselves, the press conference came with little fanfare.

That's about right.

They were never supposed to be those types of moves.

Tight end John Phillips, guard Chad Rinehart and tackle King Dunlap won't be on the cover of any season-ticket packets. They'll cause few May 14 newspapers to fly from shelves. But for certain, the team had long targeted the newest signings, believing they'll strengthen the roster, providing more depth and competition on the offensive line and adding a physicality at tight end.

That first item, in particular, was missing last season.

Dunlap is not expected to be the team's Week 1 left tackle in 2013, but it was seen in 2012 how quick offseason plans can change.