It hasn't been easy for HBO to find teams to appear in "Hard Knocks" the last three years. First the lockout wrecked the series in 2011 and then it was a dogfight to land the Dolphins and Bengals in 2012 and 2013 respectively. 2014 might be easier though as the Chargers are already showing interest.

Bolts CEO Dean Spanos acknowledged Sunday via Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune that the team is looking into the possibility of having their training camp filmed.

"We've educated ourselves as to what the process is" Spanos said.

The team Spanos said hasn't been asked by HBO to do the show but Acee reports they're "considered a favorite" to potentially get the offer and the CEO believes that accepting it if offered would boost the Chargers brand and ticket sales.

“No doubt” he said. “We've talked to other teams that have done the show and gotten feedback on how it's helped them. Business-wise every team has been helped by being on the show.”

But that doesn't mean everyone's excited about the idea. Eric Weddle made a face in Acee's direction and inquired "Why?" when he was asked about the possibility of "Hard Knocks." And quarterback Philip Rivers was even more direct though he acknowledged the decision was above his pay grade.

“Obviously these decisions are made in higher places than I am in” he said. “Whether it happens or not I'm going to be the same act the same in my role as quarterback. But if asked I'd say ‘Please don't.'"

New head coach Mike McCoy sounded ... hesitant as well.

“We just have to sit down as an organization and discuss exactly what we want to expose everyone to” McCoy said. “You can see both sides of it. You see the exposure it brings to an organization but there are also things you don't want to put out.”