Pistons owner Tom Gores will be at The Palace tonight for his team's final home game of the season against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Whether or not he addresses his evaluation of coach Lawrence Frank or team president Joe Dumars publicly, there's no doubt he expected to see a better product on the floor this season and some tangible progress.

With a number of free agents and cap space, the Pistons' personnel is expected to change significantly this summer — moves that fans hope will lead to a berth in the 2014 playoffs and the start of a new era of winning Pistons basketball.

With that in mind, here are a few issues the Pistons must address this offseason:

Cap space available

The Pistons are among a handful of teams with significant cap space. With $35 million in committed salary, they'll have at least $20 million to spend, assuming the cap doesn't rise. There's a great chance for an extreme makeover this summer.

The contracts of Will Bynum, Jason Maxiell, Jose Calderon and Corey Maggette all expire. Bringing back Calderon is an option, but it's not exactly priority No. 1 for the Pistons.

More than anything, though, this summer could be a referendum on seeing how far Gores is willing to go to acquire talent. If he has to pay more for a player (within reason), is he willing to give the OK to go the extra financial mile?

Will Gores look at the empty seats at The Palace and demand immediate action, because he wants to see immediate dividends? Or will the Pistons spend a little and maintain some flexibility for the future in the form of February's trade deadline, when teams facing the luxury tax have to jettison good players to get under the cap?

It all depends on the mandate Gores sets to the people in charge this offseason.