If you like these Rockets, catch them while you can. Change is coming, possibly dramatic change.

The Rockets aren't good enough as they're configured, so general manager Daryl Morey is working furiously to change the configuration.

His team needs talent, size, defense and rebounding. Carmelo Anthony appears to be at the top of his wish list, and Morey would trade for him without any guarantee of signing him to a long-term contract.

He knows Anthony wants to play for the Knicks, but at this point will take his chances. Morey also has asked about Chris Paul, Josh Smith, DeAndre Jordan, Anderson Varejao and a long list of others.

Everyone on the Rockets' roster is available as the NBA's February 24th trading deadline approaches, but some are more likely to go than others.

For instance, Shane Battier. He's a poster boy for what we'd want every professional athlete to be. Morey likes Battier as much as the rest of us, but this is where real life sticks its ugly mug in.

Battier is exactly the kind of player good teams love. He brings two ingredients — defense and smarts - in short supply, and he's a 10-year veteran in the final year of his contract.

So Battier's greater value to the Rockets could be in acquiring a draft pick or young player. But Battier is just one example. The Rockets could be on their way to missing the playoffs for a second straight season, so Morey feels the pressure to change the mix.

Players understand the situation, and the uncertainty doesn't make coach Rick Adelman's job any easier until the trading deadline passes.