Knicks coach Mike Woodson called out Tyson Chandler yesterday, saying his center was outplayed by the Pacers’ Roy Hibbert and declaring that he needs Chandler to win his matchup against the Indiana big man going forward.

The biggest individual matchup in this Eastern Conference semifinals series may be the center position, with the battle between Hibbert and Chandler, two of the East’s top pivots. And in the Pacers’ 102-95 Game 1 win at the Garden, Hibbert pulverized Chandler, a huge key to Indiana’s victory.

“[Chandler] was in foul trouble, but individual matchups are gonna be the difference in this series,” Woodson said. “I thought Hibbert played better tonight. I’ve got to get Tyson playing better than Hibbert.

“It is a team but these are matchups we have to do better at.”

Chandler blocked two shots, but finished with just four points and only three rebounds while fouling out in 29 minutes. Hibbert crushed Chandler in every department, racking up 14 points, eight rebounds, five blocks and four assists while staying on the court for 40 minutes.

Curiously, since Hibbert beat out Chandler for an Eastern Conference All-Star spot a season ago, Chandler had dominated the matchup — and this year, he, not Hibbert, earned the All-Star nod for the East. Yesterday, though, in the most important game between the two centers, Chandler couldn’t match his nemesis.

“I’ve got to get involved in the game somehow,” Chandler said. “He attacks the glass. I’ve got to do a better job of keeping him out of the sweet spot.”

Appropriately, Chandler fouled out with 2:36 left in the game while trying to block Hibbert’s turnaround jumper on the baseline.