Once It really was all good until a week ago.

The Kings offense featured ball movement, the defensive energy was high and the Kings had won six of their last nine games.

But in seven days, the Kings have gone from feeling good to being deflated with four consecutive losses. The latest was Saturday night, when the Miami Heat took out the frustration of a two-game losing streak by dismantling the Kings, 128-99, at Sleep Train Arena.

"From the first two minutes to the last two minutes we didn't have a chance," said guard Tyreke Evans. "We didn't play hard, we weren't ready to play and we just got our (butts) kicked."

How did the Kings get to this point?

First was 20-point loss at Brooklyn that ended the Kings' two-game winning streak last Saturday.

Then there was a 32-point drubbing by the Memphis Grizzlies Monday last Monday to begin their five-game homestand.

That was followed by blowing a 17-point lead in the third quarter and losing in overtime to Dallas last Thursday.

Mix in last week's latest relocation rumors, there hasn't been a lot of good things happening around the Kings in the last seven days.

Isaiah Thomas, who scored a career-high 34 points in the loss, said the relocation talk isn't a factor in the recent slide.

"As a player once you get on the court you really don't think about that type of thing," Thomas said. "I don't think it's a distraction and we're definitely not going to use that as an excuse."

What has changed in the last week is the rotation. Kings coach Keith Smart has been integrating Evans and Marcus Thornton back into the lineup.

"We're not clicking because our chemistry's not right, it's been shifted,"

Smart said. "We're incorporating guys back into the fold and that happens.

That happens on a team when you're trying to get buys back into it again that aren't 100 percent yet and you're trying to get things moved around."

The Kings had been playing well with DeMarcus Cousins as the focal point of the offense. Ball movement was good and Cousins was playing like a franchise center that could carry a team.

Cousins is averaging 19.5 points, nine rebounds and three assists during the losing streak, but his impact hasn't been as much lately.

Cousins said the Kings have lost their way and need to "stick to how we play as a team" to end the losing streak.