Ameer Abdullah rehabbed maniacally in an attempt to return late last season, but given the nature of his injury, the Detroit Lions' No. 1 running back never was a candidate to see the field.

Abdullah admitted in a recent interview with fellow former Nebraska standout Adam Carriker that he suffered a Lisfranc tear in a Week 2 loss to the Tennessee Titans last September.

“I ended up tearing my Lisfranc the second game of the season against the Tennessee Titans, separating my foot, so that was a bummer for me,” Abdullah said in a May interview on The Carriker Chronicles. “But I’m shaking back good now. It’s helped me understand my body more, so I’m a lot more penciled in on what I need to do as far as recovery, make sure I’m (doing all the) right things for my body to make sure I’m ready for this 2017 season.”

Abdullah said last month that it wasn't until late February or early March that he finally felt 100% recovered from surgery.

In January, after the Lions' season ended with a 26-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Abdullah said his goal in rehab was to return for the playoffs.

While most Lisfranc tears are not career-threatening, the injury, which affects the ligaments in the middle of the foot, typically require extensive rehabs after surgery.