Celtics draft pick James Young suffered a concussion in the car accident that caused him to cancel a handful of workouts leading up to last month's NBA draft, and then forced him to miss all of the Orlando Summer League, he said during a Q&A with the Louisville Courier-Journal.

"It was just the car in front of me stopped so fast and I just didn't react fast enough and just rear-ended them," Young told the Courier-Journal. "It was in L.A."

When asked about missing all of Summer League, Young said, "It was tough for me, because I had a concussion. I got a chance to meet with some of the guys and stuff like that. Great team, great facility, and the coaching is really great. So I had a chance to just walk around and talk to some of the guys about their past experiences and stuff like that. They're a bunch of great guys."

As far as his health now, Young said, "I just got cleared a few days ago, so I'm good now."

There's never a good time for anyone to be in a car accident, but for Young the timing could not have been much worst.