Courtney Lee bid each teammate “good luck” as they left the locker room for last night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and stayed behind.

Multiple sources confirmed yesterday that the Celtics reached agreement with the Memphis Grizzlies on a guard swap for Jerryd Bayless, and by the time the postgame locker room opened after the team’s 119-96 loss, Lee was gone.

That’s when the talking points kicked in.

“He just said good luck, that’s about it. It’s a business,” Jared Sullinger said, before developing amnesia. “I really don’t know what y’all are talking about. I’m kind of clueless. They kept it secret from us. I didn’t even know. I just remember him saying good luck as we were running out.”

Avery Bradley, who expressed surprise that Lee’s new team will be Memphis, said, “We just all wished the best for each other. We’re still going to be family. We just want to see one another do well, and he said that to everybody in here. We said the same to him. Wherever he goes, we wish the best for him. It never is easy, but it’s all part of the business.”

Though Brad Stevens declined to talk about the pending deal, the Celtics coach made the pregame decision to hold out Lee.

“He probably won’t play, but that’s as far as I’ll go on that one,” Stevens said.

The immediate result was only the fifth appearance of the season by Keith Bogans, who scored his first points as a Celtic with a second-quarter 3-pointer, and added a rebound and two assists in 14 minutes.

Memphis and the Celtics both had trade exception money — in the case of the Celtics, a $10 million trade exception as the result of last summer’s trade with the Brooklyn Nets — to make up the difference in salaries between the two players.

Lee, making $5.2 million this season, has another two years on his contract. Bayless, who has had some of his biggest games in the last two years against the Celtics, will be a free agent next summer, and is making $3.1 million this season.