Things that make you wonder . . .

Consider this from Jason Terry after the Celtics won their second straight game, 99-81, over Sacramento last night at the Garden.

"The way we're playing now is a little more conducive to my game," said the Celtics guard, who with his next breath added, "(but) I'm playing just the same as I did with (Rajon) Rondo. There's no difference for me."

Of course, there's a difference for this team without its All-Star, ball-dominating point guard, who has been lost for the season with a torn ACL in his right knee. There clearly is no replacing Rondo, unless you think like Danny Ainge, and sometimes dream of Chris Paul.

The Celtics, faced with such a damaging personnel loss, have been forced into a style change. The Kings are admittedly poor, the third-worst team in the Western Conference. But the Celtics also used this ball-hopping style to beat a slightly better Miami team last Sunday.

Everyone touches the ball now. Forget about dropping the shot clock below 10 seconds. The biggest taboo is allowing the opposing defense to get set.

The biggest tests will come against teams that can defend in transition. For now, the Celtics have an interesting pair — a win each over the best and one of the worst.

"You're not going to replace Rondo, but what we learned is that we're just going to have to use teamwork," said Avery Bradley, part of the new playmaking committee. "Everybody passes the ball and makes plays for each other. Rondo made it easier for everybody. (Now) we're giving the ball to our playmakers. Paul Pierce had (four) assists tonight, and KG had (five).